The most monumental superyachts of all time

By Dan Howarth

BBC News, Antigua

Freya: Barbados-based and non-signatory Yacht: 783ft (213m) Length: 330 feet (98m) Speed: 71 knots (92 miles per hour)

Architelos: Greek-based Yacht: 570ft (163m) Length: 189 feet (57m) Speed: 68 knots (102 miles per hour)

Johann: Greek-based Yacht: 547ft (178m) Length: 180 feet (54m) Speed: 71 knots (92 miles per hour)

HVB Mediterranean Yacht Management (JBYM)

Like it or not, there are now superyachts about every which way.

The world’s largest privately owned superyacht, the m ss – carrying a crew of more than 200 – is not even remotely superyacht-like.

Here are 10 of the most humongous, monstrous and luxurious yachts on the sea:

1.the m ss:

A private European venture, the m ss was built by Guangzhou Hubei Yachts and launched on 29 April at Sanya in China.

It is a 783ft (213m) vessel, which is Europe’s largest privately owned superyacht.

The moored yacht was christened Freya, which, as you can imagine, means “flee” in the Norwegian dialect.

The impressive superyacht carries a crew of more than 200.

2. and 3.

The Vadim and Architelos were built in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

The Vadim, a 436ft (145m) vessel and the Architelos, a 547ft (178m) one, were launched at the Hong Kong International Boat Show in October.

The smaller ship carries a slightly smaller boat, the Serap.

Architelos dwarfs its sister while Vadim has a considerably longer rider.

Both the JBYM yacht management vessels, the m ss and the Vadim, are currently registered in Barbados.

4. Riggas

The Riggas made headlines in 2011 when it clocked up a speed of 73 knots (92 miles per hour) in its maiden voyage.

The three-masted m frigate has a crew of 30 and is currently home in Haxhou, China.

Owner Feng Jusheng, an Austrian-Chinese, owns and builds his own vessels and recently commissioned the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

5. Astoma

The Astoma is the work of French-Chinese Victor Chen and Aya Li.

The 10-masted giant – a huge sail-powered yacht – was launched in August 2009 at Huxley Island in Antigua.

It has a 280ft (82m) beam and a tonnage of about 24,000 tonnes.

It was designed to tow the Amos 5 under tow.

6. Sirena

Sirena has a slightly bigger overall length of about 720ft (213m).

However the reigning champion, not surprisingly, is her smaller sibling the Astoma.

Wider than her predecessor, the Astoma launched last September and weighs more than 30,000 tonnes.

It lists in length at 720ft (213m) but this is the rear bow, giving a better view of the blue-water racing possibilities.

It is owned by Kazakh oligarch Almazbek Atambayev.

7. Athena

First glimpsed in October 2009, Athena (also known as Nordeum) is powered by six 75kw diesel generators and uses the same Hamilton Engineering Ojos coastal hull as Ojos Archer.

Sovereign of Turkey

It cost over £130m to build and was launched in Antigua, the French Caribbean island, on 24 November 2009.

8. Aarhedon

Designed by award-winning architect James Robertson, Aarhedon, a 373ft (125m) yacht, was launched in Antigua in February 2007.

Despite its length, it is only a co-owned yacht and is being operated by the British Sovereign Holdings company.

9. Mariu

Disguised as a 350ft (114m) monohull, Mariu was launched in 2008 and moored in Antigua in May 2011.

It is owned by the Chinese conglomerate Anbang Insurance Group and features residential suites, a tennis court and double-decker bars.

The 1,000m (3,000ft) vessel is named after Greek legend Allaphion and Aquila who pursued Medusa, Nemo’s monster.

10. Monac

Departing from Thailand, Monac first made its mark in Hong Kong in May 2009 when its owners conducted

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