The clash of artistry and nature as a pop-up bar

Written by Staff Writer at CNN London

The beauty industry has seen radical reinventions of anti-aging beauty look ‘, recently featuring new looks for characters including an Allentown woman and ‘ TV-GO’s character.

These inspired looks include “bold pouts, a new ‘ that has at least some cosmetic surgery , but not extensive.” People fascinated by social media star Emily Beale (Channel 4’s ‘EastEnders’) is another that has impacted television viewers.

“Change is almost inevitable. Cosmetics, like clothes, are the rule rather than the exception.” – Suzanne Whang © Channel 4

“On the Street,” a show in which a group of rickshaw-riding street performers critique people’s lives on a daily basis, recently starred Amber Starr, an artist and model who favors bright bold lipstick, punk and vintage look.

“Beauty is color,” said Starr, whose “Amber Lee” makeup line was acquired by Paloma Faith and Charlotte Olympia last year. “I have red lips, but I didn’t like the other browns and it didn’t look very obvious. I love contrast and it makes everything look different.”

Starr, 32, thinks she is ahead of the curve of hair and makeup trends. “People are excited to see the characters because of what I’m doing on my Instagram,” she said. “And there is a lot of controversy right now, especially amongst teens about gender and society.”

You can read more details about Starr and her style and favorite products here.

At Belsize Park’s Rock Bag launch party on May 30, beauty brand Red Carpet Tox celebrated different looks and creating a unique ambiance on different TV shows, in addition to presenters, journalists and guests at the annual event. Guests donned coats of lipstick and eye shadow and a wine bar inside a former terrace at the iconic venue.

Pamela Harrison, head of editorial for RED, said the reason for creating these environments was to capture a moment in time. “The pop of color pop sheen is important and to look at this sort of stuff through a different lens,” she said.

“One thing that is driving all of our pop-up events is the female perspective. Some ladies like to see the women on TV as the stars and creators of their worlds. There’s also a good number of others that appreciate that a woman’s vote is really important and can make a difference to how the world looks.”

The “Euphoria” range is created by acclaimed makeup artist Suzanne Whang, who also created natural makeup look for the “Bride Selfie” collection for MAC and the butterfly “beak” makeup creation for Bed Head. Her lookbook can be viewed here.

Both MAC and Bed Head have very creative personalities. MAC was founded by Jean Paul Gaultier, an icon of the New Romantic era, while Bed Head’s Andy Knighton mixes classic and geeky designs with funky iterations of geeky icons. Whang’s inspiration comes from those who like to experiment with makeup and change their looks.

“Cosmetics, like clothes, are the rule rather than the exception,” said Whang. “My favorite part of being a makeup artist is getting to create at the very beginning and see who the clients are, and I think that will always be the part that I have the most fun doing. My two-year-old is having so much fun with makeup now.”

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