Albania sends Alpine ski resorts back into lockdown

Alpine sport is hugely popular with tourists in Albania, as well as across the Balkans

Albania has sent emergency messages for residents to stay indoors after sending its Alpine ski resorts back into lockdown.

Weather conditions have forced authorities to suspend the recreational skiing season, from 1 July to 31 July.

Ski areas in Kalagolet and Skryum, in the south-east of the country, have been blocked off and can only be accessed by rail.

Government workers and school children have been told to stay at home.

National parks near the ski resorts are also closed.

People are being urged to keep out of the hills and only use vehicles and boats in established bodies of water.

Albania’s three largest mountains – Mount Etna, Mount Dvora and Mount Grelo – are part of the country’s spectacular Alpine landscapes.

It is a popular destination for foreign tourists in the region, with tourists from Croatia, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain and the US visiting Albania’s ski resorts.

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