Tiger Woods wearing blonde ponytail one month after injured back surgery

(FoxNews.com) Tiger Woods posted his first video of taking steps away from the golf course since the Feb. 27 accident he caused, showing that he has at least recovered from his fall.

The video (below) shows Woods still sporting a long, blonde ponytail that made appearances just before the accident. Woods’ next step will be having an operation on his back, which is his second back surgery in as many years.

But on Monday he was seen walking around the parking lot at his home in Windermere, Fla., with his wife, Nordegren, walking with him. Neither Woods nor Nordegren were carrying their bikes, which could be a positive sign.

Woods was away from the game from the DUI in April when he lost his short game stroke. Woods had a spinal fusion surgery in April, and there has been much speculation if he would be able to return before 2018. He said at the time he was targeting the Masters in April, and it’s unclear if he will work his way into that tournament without playing.

Photos posted this past weekend by the Tilt Auto Museum on Instagram showed that Woods is still riding a Segway around his estate.

It was reported earlier this month that Woods will need a good three months of physical therapy for his back and it is unclear whether he will get into the Masters tournament.

Woods has not said when he may return to golf full-time or how many tournaments he would be eligible to play. He said he would be following the same program the USGA said it would for Ben Hogan who underwent a spinal fusion last year.

Nordegren, who also has her own golf academy, was seen walking with Woods to a car Saturday as he departed his home. The images followed one of Woods and his wife heading to the pediatrician, near Woods’ home in Windermere.

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