Nordstrom was robbed last night. According to KTLA, it was during the Holi festival

Los Angeles Nordstrom was robbed late Thursday night for its handbags. Two women jumped a security guard and stole the bags.

KTLA reported that two armed female suspects boarded the Santa Monica Pier around 11:30 p.m. after a passageway opened on the pier.

One of the suspects jumped a security guard and stole several purses while the other used her gun to rob the lockers.

“They came straight for the bags,” one witness told KTLA. “They didn’t care about people around them. They were just intent on getting the purses.”

One suspect jumped into a moving black SUV with a woman and left the pier. The other suspects who were on the pier and the guard got into the security guard’s vehicle.

The guard got a little help to pull them out of the vehicle. The suspects drove off. The guard was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

According to the LA Times, the FBI and L.A. County Sheriff’s Department are working to find the suspects.

Federal law enforcement officials are looking for the purse snatchers from Thursday night. The shots from the porch were video by CNN.


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