Movies, TV Shows, Mass Producing Easter Eggs, Toys, and More for Your Pocket (and Christmas Supply)

In less than a month, the big savings are aaaawre. If you’re not quite ready to settle for the deal you had last year, here are some early holiday 2017 discounts to consider for next year.

Select Marvel MCU Lines

Get the 3-Pack of Iso Bullso on sale for $30 and $35.

DC Comics

From Arrow and The Flash to Supergirl and The Flash, get 20 percent off all DC Comics toys.

Big Bird is saving $10 on all Star Wars and Disney collectibles.

Disney Princesses and Pixar Cars

Get 25 percent off with code PEOPLEFRIEND. (Complete coupon code is included in the pre-holiday catalog.)

SugarBearHeart is bringing Scooby and Daphne to life for $27 each.

Heyday Toys and IDW

Get between 40 and 75 percent off select licensed action figures, robots, play sets, puzzles, and more. This is a good time to stock up on all things Jurassic World, from Steampunk to gorgeous trophies.

Marvel Superheroes and Jedi figures

Seal up Disney deals with new Star Wars movies, and ship your Toys “R” Us pickup directly to you.

Luxury Toystores

A cute slinky with a seat for $19.99. A cosplay-ready helmet for $38.59. A doll to match your office set for $10.99. Whether you’re buying a dollhouse, a scooter, or more, see our full picks below:

Target Electronics

Whether you’re looking for the perfect tech gifts for the holidays or saving money off your next Apple purchase, Target has got you covered.

Here are more digital plans for next year on the Instaprint (white) plan at:

Warehouse Toys

Spice up your party with the iPhone X 12GB with 64GB storage and special bundle price of $999.99. A giant Jurassic World 6” statue, with orders of $30, has been reduced from $36 to $19.

Lego Stop-Motion Batman MHC-1 Robot Speaker Playset.

POPmart ($9.49)

Dumbo has some new dapper and low-cost toys for the little ones to make memories to remember.

This holiday season, Amazon will cut prices on select Best Buy products, including George Home products like bedding sets, rugs, bedding set, bathroom products, for customers who sign up for Amazon Prime and request the Best Buy offers.

These special deals are available nationwide until Saturday, November 18th, 2017.


Get The Lego Franchise Millennium Falcon for $239.99 with a special Super Mario merchandise bundle.


With major price drops, we’ve got plenty of ways to save on the PS4.

Obsidian from Bioshock Infinite Bundle for $137.99 with a $35.99 gift card. In addition to the PS4 console and game, the bundle includes: a select Play as Bioshock Infinite Limited Edition Alchemical Sushi Set, a Shopkins installation, a 500-item Shopkins Supply Gasket pack, and the Scavenger’s Mark of Athena key ring.

Fallout: New Vegas 1 and 2 Bundle for $369.99 with a $35.99 gift card. The bundle includes a copy of the entire Fallout series and comes with a 1TB PS4 and a copy of Fallout 4.

Butler Games looks to offer Special Christmas

99 cent games on Fat Tuesday will continue to offer new specials in the first half of November with the opportunity to make games available for $99.99.

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