Japanese Cooking: How to Enjoy the Many Styles of Japan

Flying to Japan? Here are some tips from the U.S. State Department.


“If you’re traveling to Japan, here are some tips to help you have a successful trip:

Japan is known for its sophisticated food, culture, architecture, and traditional crafts. It is said that to fully enjoy Japan, you should experience and appreciate all of it. Explore each of the 47 prefectures (regions) and cities with your fellow travelers or guide. Start your trek by visiting the famed temple complexes of Shinto in Kyoto and Okinawa.

Visit the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor’s Kwansei-Sanshita apartment, the Prince’s residence, and the Throne Room are located. The Emperor’s private residence is the State Residence where guest rooms have been added. The Imperial Kyesha Do, Bandagaya, is an intersection of traditional Japanese aesthetics, popular culture, and cuisine where you’ll see a large display of street food. Finally, and most importantly, savor a traditional kaiseki dinner at a kaiseki restaurant or kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto.

For those traveling on the 447 Japan-U.S. Freight Line (JFX) originating at JFK, or on the JFX JR Airport Freight Line (JR ERA) arriving at Haneda, offer pick-up and drop-off in the same terminal. Frequent JFX-ERA customers (11-50 booked per month) receive priority reservation and pickup. JFX customers departing from JFK will be treated to a courtesy overnight.

Bring your luggage home on JFX-ERA flight JFX B, departing Haneda. The TSA inspection line is located at the end of JFX B, away from baggage claim. On Flight JFX, all luggage will be inspected by a JFX-ERA crew member. If you have luggage that requires another level of inspection and security, bring that luggage. On flights departing Haneda, all checked baggage will be handled by the TSA at the airport.


Gift shops in nearby Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya (with shops also in nearby Tokyo) can accommodate your extravagant trips. Go big!

Look for goods from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and across the Pacific (think cosmetics).


For American tour operators, book your flights through a US travel agent, or book through your tour operator, provided it is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents. Ask these travel agents to book your overnight hotel through the Japan Tourism Agency or your daily room service orders at a hotel with pre-paid cards or reservations. When you travel on a tour operator’s tour, look for an agent that is accredited by the Federation of Travel Agents and works with American travel agencies and tour operators.


All U.S. tour operators participating in the Japan Tour Operator program are required to schedule a pre-arrival webinar with more information about the program for potential participants. Book your flight and hotel reservation for your weekend or special trip by December 1.”


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