It’s time to reveal your favorite holiday: nine entries

If you are lucky enough to be able to receive cookies and tea from a relative or friend at this time of year, then let us talk about how you could please your guests.

If they ask you what your favorite holiday is, you would naturally reply, “Thanksgiving!”

But if there is one other holiday that you also like and, in fact, count as one of your favorites, then please don’t feel pressured to answer, “I prefer that holiday for Thanksgiving.”

If there are any other holidays that don’t currently have anything of yours to do with them, then if you are asked to reveal your favorite holiday, please answer, “It’s so hard to choose between them all.”

If there is one other holiday that you are excited about and not inclined to answer this same question, then don’t feel pressured to reveal your answer.

If you think that you would enjoy visiting one of these other holidays, it probably shouldn’t be enough to simply answer, “I already did!”

Or, perhaps you will give them a very creative response, so let us know which one that you liked and how you took part.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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