India’s Higher Education Commission wants to break the ‘education monopoly’


Tariq Saeed, a BBC Urdu business correspondent, joins us on Friday, 16 February, to look at how inflation is threatening to affect Pakistan’s economy.

The reason why it is likely to push up inflation is because the fuel and food prices have hit the country’s poor hard.

So does this mean President Trump’s decision to impose an oil embargo on Iran means Pakistan is in for a tough time ahead?

Hasn’t Saudi Arabia been helping to prop up the Pakistan’s economy in the last few years?

You might remember, Saudi Arabia said it was willing to invest $10bn in Pakistan. It actually paid the money but it didn’t bother to invest the money.

Many Pakistanis see that as a lesson for the country and they’re angry, as is the case in many other countries, that political masters are able to pull strings without delivering anything.

The government has planned to use the new money to strengthen its balance of payments.

But how much do you really need to survive in Pakistan?

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