Here’s what you need to know about the Atlanta robbery, police chase and shooting captured on camera

Video from the scene in Atlanta’s Peachtree City showed the aftermath: A large, fast-moving truck struck a vacant building while two armed men wearing masks and latex gloves got out and stood over its body. One of the suspects took off on foot but the other was still facing away from the camera as the building kept crumpling and falling.

The mugging was caught on camera by a witness, who says the robbers kicked out the glass front door, grabbed a safe and fled. He posted it to Facebook.

A police chase ensued, but the men got away. Police initially thought that the suspects were involved in a possible break-in in the area, and that two were involved in the earlier attack. But they later confirmed that it was just one.

Another man was shot in a nearby gas station parking lot, but it’s unclear whether he was also involved in the robbery. The victims are in stable condition.

WSB-TV reports that police think the hooded men are being sought in connection with another shooting nearby.

A US Justice Department report on race relations in America released Tuesday called the Peachtree City shooting an example of racial bias.

There is an estimated 75,000 black residents in Peachtree City, compared to 33,000 white residents.

The two attackers in this case had long-sleeved blue shirts and white jeans. The police department hasn’t disclosed the arrests or charges against the suspects.

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