Ford adopts Lexar and Ampere to produce its micro SD flash cards

By: Theresa Rebeck

Ford has agreed to work with Ampere Analysis and Lexar to offer an American-made, high-capacity micro SD card in its 2018 lineup. To date, 80 percent of Ford vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada have included a U.S.-made micro SD card and this is the first time Ford will offer such a card in a new vehicle.

Affordable flash memory cards could become a key component in safety, communications and entertainment systems across the automotive industry, making them an essential part of every car and utility vehicle that needs storage. Such a system could even boost the industry’s electrical efficiency by cutting costs associated with using expensive lithium-ion batteries. Ampere Analysis and Lexar, makers of micro SD cards, will produce and distribute the cards, and said Ford will also be the exclusive U.S. manufacturer and retailer of the micro SD cards.

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