Drew Zelman, the New Comic Book Writer And Famed Film Writer, On What He Loves Most In Comic Books

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Hawkeye is becoming a four-color Marvel hero. Drew Zelman took us inside of Clint Barton’s world in Marvel’s new series “Hawkeye” and, as a writer, he says his favorite type of story is one where a female character is fully and individually realized…

“Being a fan of Clint Barton, and then getting to tell a story with him about who this person is was, I think, was quite different from any story I’d ever written because I already knew who he was. I already knew what he was, I knew why I wanted to write him and with the exception of a small part of Avengers: Infinity War, I just knew from him just getting killed in that movie, which I just kind of shrugged off. And, the last scene in that movie, that I knew he was going to die, I knew that was all there was to know about Hawkeye. It’s a Marvel kind of thing.”

Drew’s second most favorite type of story is one where you can follow a relatable character through an outlandish situation. He says, even though it’s a sub-genre of storytelling, “Hawkeye” manages to do it again and again.

“I like, sort of, this one because it starts with a person like Hawkeye. It’s dealing with him on an intimate level and from there it’s this larger context, it’s like, how do you keep someone, even though he’s an outsider to society, the different from you and still define him.”

You can find Drew on his daily blog, like@drewzelmanio, where you’ll find his video commentary of his reads, how to make yours better, and do you have any questions for him? Send them to @DrewZelmanio.

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