Amazon’s hottest item could be sold out before you know it

Written by Kara Sutyak, CNN | Published 31st July 2017 08:27:55

A line wrapped around Amazon’s Chiswick site when it sold out of its Xbox limited edition 3D glass Thursday morning

The online retailer previously released limited-edition spectacles for the launch of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The company says it works with partners to help create items of interest to customers, and can be held responsible for unsold items.

“The stock is a limited edition that has been designed to create hype around the launch of the console,” a company spokeswoman told CNNTech.

Amazon’s running a limited edition of the xbox One X glass this Thursday. That means that anyone who came into the store Thursday morning could not purchase the shades due to sheer popularity! Posted by CNN Tech on Thursday, 31 July 2017

The Xbox One X set to ship to customers Friday. “We’re now seeing price drops in UK online store with the next day delivery arriving at 14:50 and others arriving 3 days later in the post,” said Amazon a statement to CNNTech. “Customers will definitely see more come in from partner sites as we get closer to the launch.”

As of publishing this story, stock in the UK was reported to be sold out.

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